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Galvanized steel roller shutter door

Galvanized steel rolling shutter door material | SG82

Item No.: SG82
Product parameters
Material: galvanized steel
Max width: 7.2m
Max height: 7.2m
Color: Any RAL color
Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm available
Operation way: manual and motorized operation
Galvanized steel roller shutter door materials |Galvanized steel rolling shutter slats in China
Galvanized steel roller shutter door is the most common roller shutter doors in the market, because it's strong and durable, offering high
security at affordable cost.
This type of door is designed and widely used for industrial, commercial, residential applications.
We can offer full sets of  roller shutter doors with specified dimeition as per our clients' requirement. At the same time,we can provide bulk
materials to our clients for their assemble at site place or their workshop.
In this case shipping space will be minimized and we can save lots shipping cost and the wooden box packing cost if go by a full container.
Below is our galvanized slat machine for making the galvanized steel roller shutter slats.

With this machines we produce large ammount of galvanized steel slats every day.

Galvanized steel roller shutter is used to help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between
"outside" and whatever entrances they may be protecting. When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter
and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. Furthermore, the doors are tough and have a long life with little maintenance

Consisted of solid interlocked galvanized steel slats, with steel end clips on both sides of curtain to prevent lateral movement, this type of
door is designed and widely used for industrial, commercial, residential applications as following:
♦ Factory 
♦ Warehouse
♦ commercial shop
♦ garage
♦ Industrial units
♦Commercial units (especially if powder coated)

♦ Security
♦ Strong and durable
♦ Cost effective. Compared to other types of roller shutter doors, galvanized steel roller shutter is way too much cheaper. 
♦ Ventilation available. The galvanized steel slats could be perforated to offer ventilation. 
♦ Many color available.  The natural color, white, blue, green, cream, or any other RAL color by powder coating. 
Galvanized steel slats are under production by our rolling forming machine as below:

Technical data sheet
Item number Max width Max height Color operation way options
SG82 7,000 mm 7,000 mM Any RAL color manual operation, autoamtic operation shutter box, safety sensor, UPS, safety brake, video  surveillance

Discription of our SG82 slat:
*Materail: galvanized steel 
*Size: 82mm 
*Color: the original color of galvanized steel, white, cream, blue, green, etc, other RAL color are available by powder coating at additional cost 
*Thickness: 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm         
 Should you have any further query for galvanized roller shutter door. Please contack us asap, we shall provide you the best suggestion for same.